Battle of Oxygenators: UVL Nitrotec vs Derby Pills

Battle of Oxygenators: UVL Nitrotec vs Derby Pills

A gamefowl supplement review by Kris Kampilan


Gamefowl supplements play a crucial role in enhancing the overall performance and well-being of these birds. UVL Nitrotec and Derby Pills are two such supplements that have gained popularity in recent years. In this article, a comparative study between these two supplements has been conducted to evaluate their effectiveness and nutritional benefits.

Materials and Methods

The ingredients of each supplement were analyzed and their potential benefits were evaluated based on current scientific literature. The information on the pricing and form of each supplement was obtained from the respective product websites.


Nitrotec contains two key ingredients - arginine (300mg) and maltodextrin (50mg). Arginine, a naturally occurring amino acid, is converted into nitric oxide in the body, which dilates blood vessels and enhances blood flow. This, in turn, stimulates the release of growth hormone, insulin, and other substances in the body. Maltodextrin, a carbohydrate and sugar substitute, provides a source of energy. Nitrotec is available in tablet form and retails at $30 for 70 tablets.

Derby Pills contains arginine (350mg), pangamic acid (150mcg), vitamin B12 (100mcg), and ginseng (200mcg). Arginine in Derby Pills serves the same purpose as in Nitrotec by dilating blood vessels and enhancing blood flow. Pangamic acid, also known as Vitamin B15, is beneficial for oxygenating the heart, brain, and other organs and improves exercise endurance. Vitamin B12, also known as cyanocobalamin, is crucial for red blood cell formation and helps prevent anemia. Ginseng, a well-known adaptogenic herb, increases mental alertness and reduces fatigue. With these ingredients, Derby Pills helps sharpen the senses, improve performance in sports, reduce fatigue, and promote faster recovery from strenuous activities. Derby Pills is priced at $35 for 100 tablets.

Supplement Derby Pills UVL Nitrotec
Indication Performance-enhancing for gamefowls
Sharpens senses
Reduces fatigue
Faster recovery
Improves exercise endurance
Increases oxygen levels in blood
Provides well-being and sharpness
Oxygenates cells at cellular level
Main Ingredients L-arginine (350mg)
Pangamic Acid (150mcg)
Vitamin B12 (100g)
Ginseng (200mcg)
Arginine (300mg)
Maltodextrine (50mg)
Form Tablet Tablet
Price $35 for 100 Tablets $30 for 70 Tablets

Our Verdict

Derby Pills Gamefowl Supplement

Based on the ingredients and their potential benefits, it can be concluded that Derby Pills offers a more comprehensive and effective supplement for gamefowls. However, it is important to consult with a veterinarian before administering any type of supplement to ensure its safety and compatibility with the individual bird's needs.

In terms of value for money, Derby Pills comes out ahead, as it is priced at $35 for 100 tablets, compared to Nitrotec's $30 for 70 tablets.

In conclusion, the results of this study suggest that Derby Pills may be a better option for gamefowl owners looking for a performance-enhancing supplement, due to its comprehensive ingredients and value for money. 



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