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Alkaline condition

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A by-product of the production-consumption and re-synthesis of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate, the energy currency) is a concentration of lactic acid in the muscles. When this happens fatigue starts to overcome the rooster.

One way of delaying this, in effect postponing fatigue, is to ensure an ample supply of creatine and ribose. Another is what is called buffering.

Buffering is done by stocking alkaline agents or raising the alkalinity of the blood. Alkaline will counteract the formation of acid in the blood and muscles thereby delaying the onset of fatigue.

Chicken feed is mostly acidic. Most grains are acidic, as well as the denatured pelletized feeds that are mixed with chemicals. Thus, seven days before the fight we might as well start the buffering process by introducing to their system more alkaline. Egg white is perceived to have a lower acidity than a whole egg, so, give egg whites instead of whole eggs during the peaking period.

A very safe way is giving alkaline water, or at least, pure water, instead of tap water to the chickens being prepared for the fight. Most tap waters have a high acid level. You may also introduce pro-biotics or yogurt, but never milk., cheese and other dairy products. 

Some fruits such as apples, cantaloupe, and banana are also good alkaline agents. However, care must be taken when they are given on fight day because of their moisture and bulk.


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