Gamefowl Breeding: Breeders and Maters

Gamefowl Breeding: Breeders and Maters

My friend Ben Dimaano, a game fowl breeder, has a very straightforward definition of a breeder. According to him, a breeder is one who understands genetics, has specific goals in his breeding program and approaches the goals systematically, and can breed true to type according to his goals. In short, he knows what he is doing.

I told him if that’s the case only a very few would qualify to be called a breeder. What will it make the great majority of the members of the so-called GBA’s? Well, Ben answered: “They are maters.” They just mate game fowl hoping to get a nick or to duplicate the fowl of the person they got their materials from.

Not that I agree entirely to his definition. But, I think if we breed the game fowl, it’s true we need fundamental knowledge in genetics. Of course, we don’t need it if we are into breeding just for the gambling aspect of cockfighting or for the bragging rights of being called a breeder. We just buy expensive materials from known breeders and propagate them. There are so many rich kids doing this.

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What we need fundamental knowledge in genetics for is in order to enjoy and get satisfaction from what we are doing. We cannot enjoy doing something we are ignorant of. Basic knowledge will enable us to set genetic objectives. Then, we can determine whether we had succeeded or failed with regards to our genetic objectives. Such objectives could be simple like producing chickens with a straight comb. Or complex like combining different fighting traits to produce roosters with power, speed, flight, and shuffle.

Without essential knowledge or if we are ignorant of genetics we will not know how to start toward our goal. We will not even be able to formulate genetic objectives.

Genetics, the science that governs reproduction of genes, is a complicated study on how genes are passed on from one generation to the next. The complexity of genetics is one reason why game fowl breeding is not a simple matter. If we believe Ben, to be a “mater” is much simpler.

Because of the complexity of genetics, no breeder, regardless of ability and resources, can be certain of the outcome of a mating. Because of this, breeding is regarded as the highest form of involvement in the chicken sport. According to Ben the reason why GBAs prosper, is because everybody wants to be called breeder.

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Yes, it is not easy to become a successful breeder. But this should not discourage us from taking up the challenge and perhaps the satisfaction in creating bloodlines of our own name and liking. Genetics is important. But it doesn’t mean we have to earn a master or doctorate in genetics in order to be able to breed the game fowl. Basic knowledge in genetics and a lot of common sense would be enough. Basic knowledge and common sense are enough to set one up as a practical breeder.



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What breed of fowl is in the pic. I had a pair several years ago and looking for them.


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