How to treat Enteritis (Greenish Droppings)

How to treat Enteritis (Greenish Droppings)

What to do and what to treat with when disease strikes, is very hard for most of us. Disease treatment is really not too difficult if one has some basic guidelines to follow and a ready supply of medications available to treat at the first symptoms of disease.

A very common disease in full-grown birds is one called Enteritis, or more commonly called Mud Fever or The Greens. The first sign of this disease is the chicken does not eat; he stands hunched-up and has greenish or white diarrhea. Sometimes there is still food in the crop and sometimes it is empty. 

If this disease is left untreated, most birds will die in a few days; this is very unnecessary to lose a three hundred dollar bird when he can be cured for fifty cents worth of pills!

This disease, as with all of them, should be treated as soon as you notice he is sick.

NF-One Gamefowl Supplement

The best treatment for The Greens is NF-ONE. Give one tablet every 12 hours and usually in 3 days he is back to normal. It is also a good idea to add 1/2 Teaspoon of Tepox 48 to his water in addition to the pills.

Tepox 48 Gamefowl Supplement

NF-ONE and Tepox 48 are antibiotics that stays in the intestinal tract and is not absorbed into the bloodstream, so when you have intestinal problems which are identified by diarhhea, then NF-One and Tepox are recommended.

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How old should chicks be until giving this to them?

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