The right time to go into breeding is not always now

The right time to go into breeding is not always now

Don’t jump into breeding the gamecock without enough know how, just because you have the money to buy materials and build facilities. This is a sure fire formula to failure.

You have to learn the intricacies of the game first.

Learn cockfighting first, a step at a time and backward. What exactly does this mean? Well it exactly means backward. Instead of learning the ropes beginning from breeding to hatching to rearing to condition and fighting, you should learn fighting first and breeding last, meaning learn cockfighting in reverse.

One must first learn the ropes in selecting, conditioning and fighting chickens. If you mastered this stage, it would mean you would come to know what kind of chickens to produce once you go into breeding.

Then, you take a step backward by learning how to care for stags and bullstags on the cord. How to develop and hardened them for the eventual conditioning stage

Next you learn how to manage young fowl at the range. Learn foundation feeding, bio-security, disease management, as this is the stage during which our fowl are most susceptible to mortality.

Only after then, that you finally make an attempt at breeding and brooding.

We had observed that too many beginners started by acquiring materials to breed. They did this without any idea what type of chickens they ought to produce. Moreover, later on, after spending so much money, time and effort, they discovered that they could not even manage fowl at the range or on cord.

I can attest to the effectiveness of this advice. My many years of experience as professional handler and conditioner had certainly worked to full advantage when I decided to go into breeding. But the most convincing proof to the value of this advice is Lance de la Torre, the handler, conditioner, gaffer, who turned breeder and, now “the idol of the idols.”

The point is that how can you breed and produce good chickens if you do not have any idea what a good chicken is. Know what you seek so you will find.

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