Wormal Maintenance Dewormer (100 Tablets per Box)
Wormal Dewormer USA
Wormal Wormer
Wormal Maintenance Dewormer (100 Tablets per Box)
Wormal Maintenance Dewormer (100 Tablets per Box)

Wormal Maintenance Dewormer (100 Tablets per Box)

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Veterinary Record: VR 2533

Wormal is a dewormer indicated for the removal of tapeworms, large roundworms, and cecal worms from chickens and turkeys.


Tapeworms are flat and ribbon-shaped intestinal worms belonging to the cestode family. They are commonly found in the intestinal tract of gamefowls and avian species. There are different species of tapeworms that can infect gamefowls, the most common of which is Davainea Proglottina, Raillietina Echinobothrida, Raillietina Tetragona, and Raillietina Cesticillus.

Unlike roundworms, which live freely in the chicken's intestinal tract, tapeworms anchor themselves into the wall of the bird's small intestine with their hook-like mouthparts.

Tapeworms also differ from roundworms in the way their bodies grow, which occurs as increasing segments. Most tapeworms won't actually cause physical damage to the intestinal wall, however, it takes all the nutrients away from the bird, which is still damaging to their health, resulting in stunted growth/weight loss, nutrition deficiencies, and increased risk of infection or disease and decreases in meat and egg production.

Large roundworms

They are the most damaging of the worms common to gamefowls. A severe infestation can cause a reduction in nutrient absorption, intestinal blockage, and mortalities. Easily seen with the naked eye, large roundworms are about the thickness of a toothpick and grow to 4 inches long. Occasionally, they migrate up a hen’s reproductive tract and become included in egg development.

The life cycle of a roundworm is direct; that is, worm eggs are passed in the droppings of infected fowls and then directly to fowls that consume infested feed, water, or droppings.

Also, worm ova may be picked up by ants, earthworms, grasshoppers, bugs, roaches, and other insects which chickens would love to eat. Known as intermediate hosts, these insects carry the eggs and when ingested, would mature and hatch inside the gamefowl's intestines.

Cecal Worms

The Cecal worm is a common parasite of gamefowls and the avian species in general. As the name implies, the Cecal worm inhabits the cecum of the bird. Cecal worms cause little or no damage to chicken flocks but the Cecal worm can carry the organism that causes blackhead disease so successful control of this type of worm is very much important for gamefowl breeders.

How to use Wormal Tablet?

Regular Program – Give 1 Wormal tablet every 2 months to your stags, cocks, and broodstock.

Heavy Infestation – Give 1 Wormal tablet every month to your stags, cocks and broodstock

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