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Respigen 15 IM 10ml

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Respigen 15 is a powerful Vitamin B15 supplement designed to provide exceptional nutrition and health benefits for gamefowl. packed with Vitamin E, Selenium, Vitamin B15 (Pangamic Acid), and other trace minerals, this all-in-one Gamefowl Supplement helps boost energy, fostering physical endurance, increasing oxygen flow to the muscles and vital organs of the body, improving blood flow and even prevents leg paralysis. When paired with balanced hydration and a quality diet plan for your Gamefowls, Respigen 15 will help them stay healthier longer and maximize their performance so they can perform to their highest potential!


- Natural Source of All-In-One Trace Minerals
- 150% more Vitamin E than our competitors
- Specially Formulated for Gamefowls
- Supports Stamina & Endurance
- Promotes Increased Oxygen Flow & Improved Blood Flow in Muscles & Vital Organs


- Maximize Performance & Potential of Your Gamefowls
- Enhance Overall Health & Wellbeing of Your Birds
- Support Weight Management Programs & Strength Building Exercises
- Strengthen Immune System with Antioxidant Support


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