Controlling Body Moisture through Intracellular Hydration

Controlling Body Moisture through Intracellular Hydration

A gamefowl that is too dry lacks power, force, endurance and could not cut well. One with too much body moisture is slow, sluggish, short cutting and off-timing. Thus, among the prime concerns of game fowl conditioning is to achieve what is called as proper body moisture. It is no secret that game cock's performance also depends on its body moisture. Too much or too little water in the gamefowl’s body could spell the deference between good and bad performance.

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Gamefowl breeders are often in the lost on how to achieve this. Water is very important for bodily functions as the chicken’s body like most other living things are composed of much water. However, a game cock needs a body that it is not too wet in order for it to perform well, especially during the day of the actual fight. This could be solved by focusing on intracellular hydration instead of plain hydration. 

Intracellular hydration/rehydration

“First, let’s distinguish what “hydration” really is. What is the difference between “hydration”, “rehydration”, cellular rehydration” and “cellular hydration”. Most people confuse or equate “hydration” and “rehydration” as being one in the same, which is not exactly correct as hydration is “before” exercise or activity and rehydration is “after” exercise or activity.

Now with that in mind, the term rehydration in the most basic sense (in the minds of the majority of consumers) relates to the replenishment of water, electrolytes, or a combination of water and electrolytes lost through exercise, strenuous activity or dehydration and the term hydration means to “load” the body with fluids prior to strenuous exercise or activity. In terms of auto racing, hydration is before the race and rehydration is after the race.

That established, what is the difference between hydration and cellular hydration – rehydration and cellular rehydration? Well, this is where you need to follow along a little bit closer. Hydration and rehydration are both the replenishment of electrolytes “outside” of the cells. Hydration would be the loading of fluids prior to the race and rehydration after the race, and again, this occurs “outside” of the cells.”

True “cellular hydration” or “cellular rehydration” is the chemical process that occurs at the cellular level (inside the cell) – where in the cell is actually hydrated directly and as the cells swell up (with the proper nutrients), it triggers an anabolic mechanism in the body, which is a healing mechanism. This is the “real” and meaningful hydration or rehydration we need. True cellular level hydration and rehydration is accompanied by positive nitrogen balance, protein synthesis, and growth hormone release. In simpler terms – true cellular rehydration means the body begins immediately “healing itself” or better stated – it begins “recovery”.

Muscles begin their recovery, tissue begins repair, energy is restored and the body begins to “recharge” itself – it recovers more fully and completely – physiologically and physically. True cellular level hydration (before an event) not only loads the cells with ample supply of nutrient and fluid, but also results in a reduction of cell acidity, reduced autoimmune response, increased fat burning, DNA repair, and increased resistance to viruses.”

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