How to care for gamefowl eggs?

How to care for gamefowl eggs?

Now that hatching time is here, it is a good time to remember all the do’s and don’ts in this important part of gamefowl breeding.

The eggs must be clean and kept clean. If they become soiled, wash in warm water as soon as possible. Air passes to and from the embryo through the porous eggshell surface. If these pores become clogged, the developing chick cannot get enough oxygen for respiration.

Set eggs as soon as possible. Below is a chart showing the decline of hatchability with age under ideal storage conditions:

Gather eggs several times in a day if more than one hen is laying in the nest.

Keep at 45 to 65 degrees temperature with good humidity and ventilation. The embryo may start to develop if the eggs reach a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not let eggs freeze.

Always set hens at night and do not put more eggs under the hen than she can comfortably cover.

Never feed setting hens laying mash or any other mashes because you will place the eggs in great danger as her body temperature will be at 107 degrees and diarrhea will develop. Feed grains only

Hatcheries that hold thousand of eggs do not turn them each day and they say it does not reduce the hatchability of the eggs. However they do not hold eggs in storage more than few days.

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