Power Pointing: Insights from Narragansette

Power Pointing: Insights from Narragansette

By: Jude Zanoria


Timing is a critical aspect of pointing gamefowl, as it determines when the fowl will be at their peak performance during the hour of battle. Narragansette, a renowned gamefowl breeder, emphasized the importance of timing in feeding and conditioning programs for gamefowl. According to Narragansette, it is essential to have the fowl "comin up" just before the battle, and to ensure they are fresh and at their peak.

To achieve this, feeding should be reduced, with cracked corn as the primary feed, and exercise should be minimized, with complete rest during the last 72 hours before the battle. Narragansette also recommended feeding no more than one-half of the feed on the evening before the show, except when the show is scheduled at night, in which case only one-half of the white of a hard-boiled egg should be given. By following this procedure, gamecocks will come up in weight and be hungry, thereby exhibiting optimal performance during the show.

Power Pointing, a technique used in pointing gamefowl, also highlights the importance of timing, not only in feeding but also in stress management. Stress triggers the release of epinephrine or adrenaline, which is known as the fight or flight hormone. This hormone can mobilize fuel reserves by stimulating the breakdown of glycogen storage in liver and muscle cells, releasing glucose-1-phosphate and increasing the energy supply for cells.

This process enables the body to convert energy instantly, resulting in a rush of strength that allows for actions such as lifting and carrying heavy objects during emergencies, which would be otherwise impossible under normal circumstances.

Therefore, it is crucial to time the adrenaline rush to occur precisely at the time of the fight, just as Narragansette had recommended. By doing so, gamefowl breeders and trainers can take advantage of the adrenaline rush, resulting in optimal performance during the battle. Thus, timing is a critical factor in pointing gamefowl, as it plays a crucial role in ensuring that gamefowl are at their peak performance during the hour of battle.

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