Buy X Get Y at 25% Off Promo


1. Add/buy any product worth $175 total cart value.

2. Add similar or another product, our system will reduce the price by 25%.

3. You'll also get free shipping. 

4. No need to input discount or voucher codes. It's automatic price off!


1. Add 2 boxes of Voltplex KQ for $120. 

2. Add another 2 boxes of Voltplex KQ. Our system reduces the price by  25%. 

Sabong Depot Promo


3. Add any other products. Price will also be reduced by 25%.



The more you buy, the more you save. Try browsing and adding more products in your cart and see how much you save! :)

Note: This automatic discount codes only work in pairs, hence the Buy X Get Y term. For example, if you add a third product, you must add a fourth product to earn another 25% price discount on top of the previously earned discount.

Example  1: Three products ordered. Only first pair earned 25% price off.

Example 2. Four products ordered. Both pairs earned 25% price off.