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NF-ONE (100 Tablets)

NF-ONE (100 Tablets)

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NF-One Gamefowl Treatment is an easy-to-administer, complete bacterial solution for the digestive ailments of gamefowls and hens. It is a combination of Trimethoprim and Sulfamethazine - two powerful antibiotics that work together to fight off bacterial infections in your poultry flock. Its nutritional base consists of high levels of Vitamin A, essential fatty acids, and zinc which assist in maintaining good health and maintaining strong bones and muscle strength throughout molting periods. It helps fight against chronic respiratory disease, coccidiosis, and e-coli as well as other bacterial imbalances in the intestines.


- Fully absorbs within 5 minutes
- Contains vitamins A, E & Zinc
- Easily administered orally
- Antibiotic combination fights off bacterial infections


- Helps promote strong bones during molting period
- Petting formulated to protect gamefowls from common digestion diseases
- Helps with chronic respiratory disease, coccidiosis & e coli
- Effective & fast relief

For Prevention and Treatment of the ff:

•Fowl Thypoid or Salmonellosis (whitish droppings)
•Colibacillosis (yellowish droppings)
•Fowl Cholera
•Greenish or wet droppings

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