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Pyristat 7g (48 Packs)

Pyristat 7g (48 Packs)

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Pyristat is a scientifically formulated health supplement for gamefowl that helps protect against and reduce the risk of avian malaria and coccidiosis. A blend of active ingredients including Sulfadimethoxine, Cycloboost, Vitamin E, and vitamin K2, Pyristat works quickly to ensure your beloved feathered friends stay in top condition season after season.


- Fast-acting sulfa
- Reduces risk of avian malaria
- Controls coccidiosis
- Supports immunity with vitamins E & K2


- Protects chickens from common poultry diseases
- Boosts resistance to intestinal parasites like coccidia without the need for antibiotics or any other drugs
- Keep your flock healthy naturally with no adverse effects

Dosage & Administration:

Prevention: 15 -22.5g/20L(1tsp/5 gal) of drinking water for 2 consecutive days.

Treatment: 15-22.5g/20L (2-3.5 tsp/5gal) of drinking water for 2-4 consecutive days.
Give this weekly starting from 3 weeks in broilers and 32 weeks in layers.


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