AviaPro10 30ml

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AviaPro 10 – Liquid Supplement

Vitamin E + B Complex + Amino Acid + Betaine + Enzymes + L Carnitine + Minerals Cod Liver Oil + Calcium Lactate + Probiotics


  • Immune boosting effects, it enhances greater resistance to disease providing competitive exclusion in the gut colonizing good bacteria fighting against harmful ones.

  • Improves nutrient absorption of feeds and grains by aiding the synergetic effects of digestive enzymes and probiotics to release more than 30% of nutrients bound in the feed.

  • Repairs tissues after severe preparation and conditioning of the bird.

  • Promotes healthy coats and shiny feathers alleviating the effects of molting.

  • Enhances energy production during exercise and eliminating excess fat on the abdomen.

  • Maintains and regulates the body fluid hydration, thus preventing dehydration during on and before the exercise or during growing/developing stag and breeders, and also during loft training/club training and race proper of a racing pigeon.

  • Proper support of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and manganese for bone development or loss during training and conditioning.


Content per 15ml

Vitamin E – 112.5 IU

Vitamin B1 – 24.75 mg

Vitamin B2 – 18 mg

Vitamin B6 – 17 mg

Vitamin B12 – 3 mg

Betaine HCL – 300 mg

L-Lysine – 375 mg

DL-Methionine – 750 mg

Magnesium Sulfate – 30 mg

Manganese Sulfate – 30 mg

Carrier – q.s.ad


For Gamefowls and Racing Pigeon – for daily use, mix 4ml per gallon of drinking water. And 0.25ml oral drops per bird.

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