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AviaPro10 30ml

AviaPro10 30ml

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Introducing a powerful immune-boosting supplement for gamefowls and racing pigeons that enhances resistance to disease and improves overall health. AviaPro10 contains a blend of beneficial bacteria that colonize the gut, fighting against harmful ones, providing competitive exclusion and promoting a healthy gut.

It also improves nutrient absorption of feeds and grains by promoting the synergetic effects of digestive enzymes and probiotics, thus releasing more than 30% of nutrients bound in the feed. This supplement also repairs tissues after severe preparation and conditioning of the bird, promotes healthy coats and shiny feathers, and enhances energy production during exercise.

AviaPro10 also helps in maintaining and regulating the body fluid hydration, thus preventing dehydration during on and before the exercise or during growing/developing stag and breeders, and also during loft training/club training and race proper of a racing pigeon. It also provides proper support of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and manganese for bone development or loss during training and conditioning.

The recommended dosage for gamefowls and racing pigeons is 4ml per gallon of drinking water, and 0.25ml oral drops per bird for daily use. Proper hydration and nutrient intake is important for the best results. Give your gamefowls and racing pigeons the support they need to perform at their best with this powerful supplement.

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