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Complexor 3000 100mL (B-Complex + Mineral + Iron Dextran)

Complexor 3000 100mL (B-Complex + Mineral + Iron Dextran)

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Introducing an effective dietary supplement for gamefowls that hastens energy restoration, enhances reproductive ability of breeders, and addresses B-complex and iron deficiencies and anemias. COMPLEXOR is specially formulated to improve the health and performance of gamefowls by providing them with the essential nutrients they need.

For conditioning, the recommended dosage is 0.5ml every 12 days. For pointing, 0.3ml is recommended 3 days before the show. And for maintenance, 0.5ml every 15 days. For small animals, 0.25ml to 0.5 ml is recommended once a week or as indicated. For large animals, 1 to 5 ml is recommended twice a week or as indicated.

By giving your gamefowls COMPLEXOR, you can ensure that they have the essential vitamins and minerals they need to perform at their best and maintain optimal health.

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