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Doxylak Forte Caplet (100 Tablets)

Doxylak Forte Caplet (100 Tablets)

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Doxylak Caplet is a next-generation antibiotic specially formulated to treat and prevent infections in gamefowls. It is ideal for use while breeding or before competitions as it has a continuous release design that keeps its therapeutic effects going long after administration. Its active ingredient, doxycycline hydrochloride, is effective against avian CRD (Chronic Respiratory Disease), colibacillosis (bacterial respiratory infection caused by Escherichia coli), and other common respiratory and gastrointestinal tract infections in birds.

- Next-generation antibiotic designed for the treatment of avian diseases
- Active ingredient, doxycycline hydrochloride is effective against avian CRD, colibacillosis, and other common respiratory/gastrointestinal tract infections in gamefowls
- Continuous release design ensures extended therapeutic activity

- Ideal for use during breeding season or before competitions
- Prolonged effect makes it easy to ensure optimal levels of medication at all times
- Safe for use on gamefowls

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