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Excelite C Plus 5g

Excelite C Plus 5g

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Excelite C Plus Gamefowl Supplement is designed to improve your poultry's health and performance. This power-packed supplement contains multivitamins, electrolytes, and dextrose to give them a natural boost of energy so they can perform at their peak. Additionally, betaine has been added to fortify the water-holding capacity of cells and maintain just enough body moisture. Using this powerful supplement, you can ensure that your feathery friends stay well-hydrated, energized, and in top condition at all times!

- Contains multivitamins for improved health
- Includes electrolytes for energy boosts
- Fortified with betaine to prevent dehydration

- Universally beneficial for chickens of all ages
- Keeps birds hydrated and energetic
- Improves overall health and performance

Dosage and Administration


Half of the sachet (2.5 grams) in 1 gallon of water for everyday use

During Stress and Disease:

1 sachet (5 grams) in 1 gallon of water for 5 straight day
1 Box = 5 grams x 48 sachets

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