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Hammer Gamefowl Dewormer (200 Tablets Each Box)

Hammer Gamefowl Dewormer (200 Tablets Each Box)

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Hammer Gamefowl Dewormer is specially formulated to provide a complete solution for the prevention and treatment of various types of worms in gamefowls. The dewormer contains Praziquantel and Fenbendazole, two active pharmaceutical ingredients which work together to kill and protect against 11 key intestinal worm species, tapeworms, and flukes. The product is easy to administer - simply add to your gamefowl’s feed or water - and offers long-lasting protection from parasites.

- Contains Praziquantel & Fenbendazole
- Kills 11 key intestinal worm species
- Treats Tapeworms & Flukes
- Easy to use - add to feed or water

- Offers safe yet effective protection from parasite infestations in gamefowl
- Prevents re-infestations by killing adult worms while also breaking their life cycle
- Protects overall health & condition of your birds as well as supports their performance

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