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Levimin GK 100g

Levimin GK 100g

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Levimin GK Gamefowl Supplement is a multivitamin-mineral supplement that has been specifically formulated to improve your gamefowl's vigor, stamina, and endurance. Its precise balance of calcium and phosphorus promotes proper bone development while its high levels of vitamins A, B complex, and E help increase fertility in broodcocks and broodhens as well as improve resistance to infections during rearing. Simply mix this supplement with your existing gamefowl feed for an optimal boost to your gamefowl's overall health.


- Contains Vitamins A, B complex & E
- High balance ratio of calcium & phosphorus
- Increases fertility in breeders
- Boosts resistance to infections


- Enhances vigor, stamina & endurance in birds
- Promotes proper bone development & egg laying
- Improves the overall health of birds

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