MEEB 10ml
MEEB 10ml

MEEB 10ml

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MEEB Advanced Gamefowl Supplement is designed to help meet the extreme demands of intense training and competition. This advanced formula contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients that work to improve musculoskeletal reflexes, maintain muscle and bone growth, and aid in tissue repair. The unique formulation also helps enhance energy response and energy production under stress. Rapid absorption and delayed metabolism make the product fast-acting with prolonged effectiveness – perfect for the gamefowl conditioning program!

- Provides essential vitamins, minerals & amino acids
- Helps optimize Reflexes, Muscle & Bone Growth
- Promotes increased Energy Response & Production
- Rapid Absorption & Delayed Metabolism

- Ideal supplement for gamefowl training and competition
- Formulated to support intense activity levels
- Supports muscle health during strenuous exercise
- Fast acting with prolonged effect

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