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Ornistat 5g (48 Packs)

Ornistat 5g (48 Packs)

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Ornistat is a complete anti-parasite medication formulated to fight off Avian Malaria and protect your gamefowls, poultry, and birds. With its advanced formula made up of natural ingredients like vanillin, resorcinol, hematinic factors (Iron, Cobalt, Copper & Folic Acid) that help in producing red blood cells, Ornistat provides efficient protection and treatment from Avian Malaria. Its active ingredient kills various kinds of ectoparasites to protect the health of your birds.


- Contains natural ingredients such as vanillin and resorcinol
- Fortified with Hematinic Factors like Iron, Cobalt, and Copper for increased resistance against malaria parasites
- Formulated to be effective against Ectoparasites


- Suitable for gamefowls, poultry, and birds as a superior preventative aid in controlling avian malaria under the most environmental conditions
- Effective in treating a wide range of parasitic infestations
- Helps regenerate Red Blood Cells with its fortified Hematinic Factors

Dosage and Administration


• Mix 5 grams of ORNISTAT to 5 gallons of water for 2 consecutive days. Give this weekly starting at 3 weeks up to 5 weeks of age.


• Mix 5 grams of ORNISTAT to 2.5 gallons of water for 3 consecutive days.
1 Box = 5 grams x 48 Sachets

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