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Oxy Rid Eye Dewormer 5ml

Oxy Rid Eye Dewormer 5ml

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Oxy Rid Eye Dewormer is your go-to solution for gamefowls' eyeworms. This dewormer is specially formulated to treat and prevent the infestations that cause blindness or irritation to the eyes of your flocks. It increases immunity and respiratory health support as it destroys harmful parasites.


- Powerful combination of ingredients
- Specifically designed to kill eyeworms in gamefowls.
- Strengthens the immune system
- Safe to use in breeder birds, show birds, and fighting cocks


- Keeps your fowls healthy by eliminating eyeworm infestation quickly
- Prevents blindness caused by infection from eyeworm larvae
- Easy to feed, economical, and effective

Dosage and Administration:

One drop of OXYRID Eye Dewormer per eye of gamefowl
Make it a habit to use OXYRID Eye Dewormer once a month together with ASTIG Premium Dewormer and ZERO MITE Shampoo. During conditioning period, give 1 drop of OXYRID Eye Dewormer per eye 7 days before the show. 

Heavy Infestation:
Two drops of OXYRID Eye Dewormer per eye and repeat after 2 weeks and maintain usage every month. 

Note: Per 5ml of OXYRID Eye Dewormer contains 80 drops good for 40 cocks/hens

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