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Premoxil 1Kg Tub

Premoxil 1Kg Tub

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Battlecock's Premoxil Powder is the ideal treatment for your gamefowl. It's a highly effective combination remedy that treats bacterial infections in chickens, ducks, and other birds. The powder contains Amoxicillin and Tylosin to fight a wide range of common respiratory issues like CRD, Pullorum, Coryza, swollen head syndrome, and bumble foot. Plus it also has Paracetamol for faster relief from illness. Don't wait for your fowls to get sick before taking preventive measures - give them Premoxil Powder today!


- Contains Amoxicillin and Tylosin
- Relief from CRD, Pullorum, and related respiratory diseases
- Includes Paracetamol for faster relief from illnesses
- Repackaged in a vibrant new box
- Can be used on chickens, ducks, and most birds


- Quickly relieve colds and other sicknesses in gamefowls
- Treat a wide range of bacterial infections without having to resort to aggressive methods
- Easy-to-use powder form makes administering medication easy
- Effective preventative measure against future illness


Each gram contains:

Amoxicillin Trihydrate………150 mg

Tylosin Phosphate…….….100 mg

Paracetamol ……………….…..5 mg


Prevention of wound infections, treatment of CRD, Pullorum, Coryza, swollen head syndrome, bumblefoot and other bacterial infection caused by organism sensitive to Amoxicillin and Tylosin.


1 day old to 3 months old


Dilute 1 sachet to 1 gallon of water


1 Box of 5 grams of 50 Sachets

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