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Premoxil 550 (100 Tablets Each Box)

Premoxil 550 (100 Tablets Each Box)

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Premoxil is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that contains both amoxicillin and tylosin to prevent wound infections, and treat infectious diseases of poultry, such as CRD, pullorum, coryza, swollen head syndrome (SHS), bumblefoot, and more. It helps control many organisms that are sensitive to its antibacterial action, providing quick relief and helping promote healing. Premoxil is easy to administer via drinking water or food supplementation.


- Contains both Amoxicillin & Tylosin
- Broad-spectrum antibiotic
- Prevents & Treats CRD, Pullorum Disease, Coryza & more
- Easy administration through drinking water or food supplementation


- Quickly provides relief from symptoms of bacterial infections in poultry
- Promotes healing for faster recovery
- Safe for use in laying hens and broilers


3 months old and up cockerel.

Gamefowls: Give one tablet once a day for 3 – 5 days

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