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Promotor 43 (100 Tablets)

Promotor 43 (100 Tablets)

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Promotor 43 is a balanced vitamin and mineral supplement that provides gamefowls with the essential components to perform at their peak. The amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements help support your birds in every season, from conditioning to molting to maintenance. These natural ingredients work together in harmony for optimal health, performance, growth, and egg production of your fowl.


- High levels of vitamins A, D3, and E for feather development and coloring
- Vitamin B complex for metabolism support
- Essential amino acids for protein growth and feeding efficiency


- Support the healthy development of chicks
- Promote strong bones and muscles
- Enhance physical stamina & cardiovascular performance
- Strengthen immunity & reproductive functions
- Improve feed efficiency & conversion rate

Dosage and Administration:

Conditioning – 1 capsule of Promotor 43 every other day.

Breeding – 1 capsule of Promotor 43 every other day.

Maintenance and after Molting – 1 capsule of Promotor 43 (2 times a week)

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