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Proxigen Caplets 500mg (100 Tablets)

Proxigen Caplets 500mg (100 Tablets)

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Proxigen Gamefowl Supplement is a complete gamefowl supplement designed to support the health and performance of gamefowls. It helps maintain body temperature, minimizes stress & dehydration during heavy training, stimulates blood circulation for enhanced tissue oxygenation, and provides shinier & glossier feathers.

Proxigen Caplets are packed with carefully selected vitamins and minerals that give your birds the extra support they need to reach their full potential.


-Maintains body temperature
-Minimizes stress & dehydration during training
-Stimulates blood circulation for enhanced tissue oxygenation
-Provides shiny & glossy feathers
-Contains carefully selected vitamins & minerals


-Helps promote optimal performance in your birds during competitions or shows
-Promotes rapid recovery after strenuous physical activity or events
-Supports healthy immune system functions and strengthens bones & joints

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