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Reload Plus Stress Buster 15ml

Reload Plus Stress Buster 15ml

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Boost your gamefowl's performance with the new Reload Plus Gamefowl Stress Buster. This cutting-edge supplement is specifically designed to help gamefowls recover from stress induced by long travelling, competitive showdowns and other strenuous activities. It works by replenishing lost energy and restoring vital amino acids which were burned up during intense physical activity. The special blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes and probiotics promotes muscle growth and helps strengthen natural immunity for better recovery time after a fight. With the Reload Plus Gamefowl Stress Buster Supplement, you’ll be sure to get optimal results in every competition!


- Restores electrolytes depleted due to stress
- Supports muscle development
- Contains B vitamins, probiotics and antioxidants
- Replenishes lost energy quickly


- Helps birds stay in peak condition even after long days of travelling or showing
- Improves recovery time between bouts and shows
- Reduces respiratory issues due to fatigue
- Enhances overall health & well being


• Quickest source of energy after travelling and during pointing
• Replenishes and provides a continuous supply of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)
Provides every cell with energy


• Helps maintain body water and ionic balance thus preventing dehydration after travelling
• Helps recover from stress and provides instant rehydration

Why and When to use RELOAD Plus?

  • To provide sufficient energy requirement before and after travelling your gamefowls

  • To maintain electrolyte balance during pointing (last 3 days of conditioning)

  • To maintain the good condition of gamefowl

  • Increase glucose reserves of newly hatched chicks on their first 2 hours of life.

Dosage & Administration:

During Conditioning (last 3 days of conditioning):
Give 7 drops of Reload Plus morning and afternoon


Give 7 drops of Reload Plus before putting inside the cock box. Upon reaching the destination, let the gamefowl rest in a limber pen for 45 minutes then give 7 drops of Reload Plus afterwards.

Newly Hatch Chicks:

Mix 2ml of Reload plus to 20 ml of water. To be consumed within 2 hours.

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