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Respigen 15 Drops

Respigen 15 Drops

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Introducing Respigen 15, the ultimate supplement for game fowl enthusiasts! Our unique formula contains a powerful combination of Vitamin B15 (Pangamic Acid), Vitamin E, and Selenium, carefully chosen to provide your birds with the endurance and stamina they need to last longer during the show.

Respigen 15 helps delay the onset of fatigue, ensuring that your birds stay tough throughout the show. Our formula improves oxygen flow to the muscles and vital organs of the body, allowing your birds to perform at their best. It also improves blood flow, preventing leg paralysis and muscle-bound, and increases muscular strength.

With Respigen 15, you can be confident that your birds are getting the best possible nutrition to keep them at their peak performance. Give your game fowl the edge they need with Respigen 15, and watch them soar to victory!

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