V22 Tablet
V-22 Tablet (100 Tablets)

V-22 Tablet (100 Tablets)

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V-22 Tablet Multi-Vitamins + Minerals – The Power-packed pills. For strong legs and wing muscles and for vigorous stamina of gamefowls.


For Gamefowls: 1 tablet daily or as recommended by a veterinarian.

For Dogs And Cats:

Puppies, kittens and smaller breeds; 1 tablet daily.

Adult Animals and large breeds; 2 tablets daily.

Store at temperature not exceeding 30 Deg C.


For convalescence and various stress conditions, nutritional deficiencies and anemia, pre and post-operative care for growing kittens and puppies, lactating dams and for adult and geriatric patients. For strengthening wing and leg muscles in gamefowls. 

A complete and well-balanced mixture of 22 essential vitamins and minerals in one tablet. It contains vitamin A for the integrity of mucous membranes, vitamin D for proper growth of bones and muscles, and vitamin B-complex for appetite stimulation. An excellent source of energy and nutrition for dogs and cats. Strengthens the leg and wing muscles of gamefowls.

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