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V-22 Tablet (100 Tablets)

V-22 Tablet (100 Tablets)

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Introducing the V-22 Tablet Multi-Vitamins + Minerals, the ultimate power-packed supplement for gamefowls. These specially formulated pills are designed to enhance the strength of your birds' legs and wing muscles, as well as increase their overall stamina and vigor. With a powerful blend of essential vitamins and minerals, these tablets provide the essential nutrients your gamefowl need to excel in the ring. Trust the V-22 Tablet Multi-Vitamins + Minerals to give your gamefowl the edge they need to perform at their best.


For Gamefowls: 1 tablet daily or as recommended by a veterinarian.

For Dogs And Cats:

Puppies, kittens and smaller breeds; 1 tablet daily.

Adult Animals and large breeds; 2 tablets daily.

Store at temperature not exceeding 30 Deg C.


For convalescence and various stress conditions, nutritional deficiencies and anemia, pre and post-operative care for growing kittens and puppies, lactating dams and for adult and geriatric patients. For strengthening wing and leg muscles in gamefowls. 

A complete and well-balanced mixture of 22 essential vitamins and minerals in one tablet. It contains vitamin A for the integrity of mucous membranes, vitamin D for proper growth of bones and muscles, and vitamin B-complex for appetite stimulation. An excellent source of energy and nutrition for dogs and cats. Strengthens the leg and wing muscles of gamefowls.

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