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Vermex Forte Tablet (100 Tablets)

Vermex Forte Tablet (100 Tablets)

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Introducing VERMEX Forte, a powerful and effective gamefowl dewormer that does not require fasting. This dewormer is easy to administer - simply give one tablet per head. For optimal results, we recommend repeating the deworming process with VERMEX Forte after 2 weeks. This specially formulated dewormer targets and eliminates parasites and worms in gamefowl, keeping them healthy and strong. Get rid of intestinal worms in your gamefowls without the hassle of fasting, with the power of VERMEX Forte.


VERMEX Forte is effective in the removal of roundworms (Ascaris), hairworms (Capillaria spp.), and tapeworms in gamefowls, doves, canaries, quails, and cockatoos.

Give one (1) caplet per 2 kg bodyweight. May be given without fasting the bird.

Ten (10) caplets/strip. Packaging per Box :
10 caplets / blister; 100 caplets / box



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