Sulpar QR Tablet (100 Tablets)

Sulpar QR Tablet (100 Tablets)

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Sulpar Gamefowl Treatment is a specially formulated solution that helps to protect your chickens against coccidiosis, fowl typhoid and fowl cholera. Sulpar contains three active ingredients – sulfaquinoxaline, quinocetone and metronidazole – to combat the diseases that affect poultry best. Sulpar aids in the prevention of Eimeria species, Salmonella gallinarum and Pasteurella mutocida infections without leaving toxic residues in the muscle or viscera of birds.


Dosage and Administration

Give 1 tablet of SULPAR QR once a day for 3 consecutive days. On the 4th day, just give plain water. Repeat administration of SULPAR QR tablet on the 5th day to 6th day.

For best result; Give the SULPAR QR Tablet in the morning and PREMOXIL Tablet in the afternoon.

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