Gamefowl Supplies: Why Philippines?

Gamefowl Supplies: Why Philippines?

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Without a doubt, the Philippines remain the best place to import gamefowl supplies. Due to its massive support from the Philippine government, the gamefowl industry in the Philippines has gained tremendous growth over the past five years.

This has encouraged more US-based multinational companies like Pfizer, Bayer, Cargill, Purina, Alltech to invest in multi-billion laboratories and R&D projects through its local Philippine partner brands. The result is superior quality and super-advanced products that can only be found in the Mecca of the gamefowl industry.  

From pelletized feeds to supplements and treatments, one can easily conclude that the Philippines indeed is the golden standard for gamefowl supplies. The product packaging alone is a perfect indicator of superior quality. But the real deal goes out to these facts:

Highly-Regulated Industry

Gamefowl supplies and products are heavily regulated by the Philippine's Bureau of Animal Industry and Philippine Veterinary Drug Association to ensure that gamefowl supplies and products conform to its quality, safety, and product effectiveness prescriptions.

Government-sponsored gamefowl supplies rolling store for far-flung areas (source: Pitfighter Derby Feeds)

Specially Formulated for Gamefowls

All gamefowl supplies and products are guaranteed to be formulated for this beautiful avian species. Most conditioning products abroad, for instance, are just repackaged horse supplements that are toxic to birds, while treatments like amoxicillin or dewormers are from human medicines diluted with starches or water using crude processing.

Manufacturing Plant for Poultry and Livestock Supply in Cebu, Philippines (source:

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

In the Philippines, treatments and supplements are tried and tested before the actual product launch. Even if the actual product shelf life of most treatments and supplements could reach 5 to 6 years, the Philippine gamefowl authorities imposed a two-year limit for all gamefowl products to guarantee freshness. Beyond that, the product must be recalled and destroyed. This is the reason why the products bore only a two year expiration period on its label. It is to guarantee freshness!

A German animal nutritionist working for Philippine gamefowl product brand

3rd Generation Drugs

Due to advanced R&D, gamefowl supplies and products in the Philippines are classified as 3rd generation drugs that are characterized by high-absorption rate, high-bioavailability, almost zero side effects, and organically processed. Some products are even classified as 4th generation like probiotics and drops that can even be absorbed by the animal on skin contact.

Brand Integrity

Gamefowl brands in the Philippines are backed by celebrity endorsers (even by 8-division and Senator Manny Pacquiao) and champion breeders that lend their names as a seal of quality. You can't find this phenomenon among lesser brands abroad.

 Nathan Jumper for Experto Gamefowl Products

 Robie Yu of Firebird Gamefarm for Excellence Poultry & Livestock Supplies

Karac Grubb for VitMinPro

The late Filipino Actor Eddie Garcia for Wormal and Vitminpro

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