How to prevent Gamefowl “Flirting.”

How to prevent Gamefowl “Flirting.”

As with most animals, birds and gamefowls perform some form of courtship or mating dance to initiate mating. Gamefowls attract their mates by fanning their wings and exposing their entire body. The rooster then encircles and quivers towards the mate.

This is good during breeding but spells disasters in game shows and sports. Why must a rooster perform such a ritual in an unintended mate? The answer is the overproduction of testosterone.

Overproduction of testosterone occurs to a healthy rooster even if you did not provide any testosterone-boosting supplements such as MEEB, Slazbolak or Red Gel Forte.

Production of testosterone is just a natural process that drives rooster to mate with hens. But farm keeping sometimes gets in the way for roosters to naturally release its testosterone reserves by mating, hence the weird flirting behavior.


Testosterone is vital for your gamefowl's muscular and bone development. It is also responsible for the rooster's masculine characteristics such as aggression, viciousness, and overall confidence. Testosterone also aids in your rooster's feather health and appearance.

Therefore, no attempt should be made in decreasing your testosterone-boosting supplements that should be made just to solve a natural problem like flirting.

  1. Provide sexually mature hens for mating as a reward during training. Heavy training induces stress and mating greatly helps in alleviating it.
  2. Treating sex as a rewards process will also help motivate your roosters to train and develop consistent and timely testosterone production. This procedure can only be done proactively during the conditioning period. Don't do this during the pointing phase.
  3. Provide ample space between roosters (at least 2 square meters) to induce its territorial instincts. Close quarters could only mess up their territorial habits that could develop “friendly” if not homosexual behavior towards other roosters.
  4. One indicator that a rooster exercises its territorial sovereignty in an area is when it repeatedly crows and drop its excrement around it.
  5. Discourage friendly behaviors towards other roosters like letting roosters share food or drinkers. Each rooster is a one-man army and never sociable. 
  6. Follow recommended dosage of testosterone-boosting supplements like MEEB, Slazbolak or Red Gel and never overdose.

A Note on White Fowls

Texas whites and clarets appear androgynous to your reds, hence there's a tendency for the latter to treat them as hens. During conditioning train your roosters with anything white to help them develop antagonistic attitudes towards them.

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