Power Pointing

Power Pointing

Pointing is all about stress management. About adrenaline rush through stress management.

The principle is that stress triggers adrenaline rush and the hormone adrenaline enables the body to achieve extraordinary physical and mental conditions as part of natural defense mechanisms.

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Adrenaline triggers the activation of a awesome survival mechanism in the body. Once adrenaline is secreted by the body it flows in the bloodstream to the different various organs. It activates a chain reaction that results in breaking down glycogen, sending glucose to the blood, and accelerates glucose production.

Adrenaline also activates other receptors in the muscles that cause the widening of blood vessels so that more blood supply reaches the muscles. The trigger also causes an increase in the heart pumping rate. This is how naturally produced adrenaline revs up the engine in the body, for enhanced performance.

The major physiologic triggers of adrenaline release center upon stresses such as physical threat, excitement, noise, bright lights, and high ambient temperature. All of these stimuli are familiar with the atmosphere during the show or competition.

So, during a show, there is no way we can avoid our fowl getting stressed at one point or another. We might as well make stress work to our advantage by managing it to occur at the right moment.

Therefore the true objective of pointing is not to avoid stress, but to prevent premature stress. Premature stress forces the untimely release of the body’s natural mechanism that come showtime, it is totally drained out and off. 

When subjected to sudden stress of the mental type such as the ones caused by unfamiliar environment and conditions prevailing moments before the competition, the body releases some defense mechanism, including adrenalin, the fight or flight hormone that increases heartbeat and blood circulation. This will enable the animal to react quicker and stronger to threats. 

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If the fowl is still at this state at fight time then it can be expected to perform extraordinarily. Beyond this point, it will start experiencing what is called the off syndrome. 

"Stress can help us get work done but the tension it builds in the body can lead to fatigue. Stress causes the body to produce adrenaline and tenses muscles. It's important to realize that engaging in activities that cause a release of adrenaline could cause fatigue afterward. In the short term, adrenaline makes the body feel more alert. But in the long term, it will become tired. Thus, the concept of stress management is to time stress to happen at the right time, not before, because if adrenaline rush happens early the body is tired when showtime comes. It is known to us chicken lovers as the off syndrome.  (Rey Bajenting)

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