We are in the business to help small farmers

These past few months haven't been so easy. Many have to close their farms while others turn to other businesses that required small operating capital. Others have to eventually shut down due to prolonged closure orders that affected the supply chain of farm implements, especially feeds and veterinary products.
To help address the issue, we secured both the local government approval for our stores and warehouses in Michigan to continue operating albeit at skeletal force. We were able to ship much needed products on time thus ensuring our customers' business continuity amidst the pandemic without disruption to their yield and profitability. Special discounts were granted to our customers but more importantly on women-led, minority-owned and black-owned enterprises.
Because at Sabong Depot, we strive to use all the resources we have--our products, our business and our community--to do something about the lives of farmers and small businesses. No one should be left behind.

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