How to Address Dry and Scaly Feet in Gamefowls

How to Address Dry and Scaly Feet in Gamefowls

Dry feet, paleness, and weight loss are commonly observed in junior stags and stags during the summer season. While these symptoms may seem innocuous, they are often indicative of a more serious underlying condition. In fact, dry feet and thinning of the body are not diseases in and of themselves, but rather symptoms of an underlying illness. It is essential to identify the root cause of these symptoms to determine the appropriate course of treatment.

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There are several possible causes of dry feet, paleness, and weight loss in junior stags and stags. One common culprit is infection caused by bacteria, protozoa, and worms. These organisms can wreak havoc on a stag's digestive system, causing a range of symptoms, including dry feet and weight loss. Another possible cause of these symptoms is malnutrition. Junior stags and stags require a balanced and nutritious diet to maintain optimal health. A lack of essential nutrients can lead to a range of health problems, including dry feet and weight loss.


Washout Shampoo


1. First day - Wash-Out Shampoo game fowl bath . Mix two sachets in a water jug. It kills the red mite, bugs and lice. In bathing, give the ½ CC Tape Terminator on each junior stag and ½ cc in the stags. It is a pro-active treatment to protect our game fowls from round worms and tape worms. After brushing the game fowls dry, we will inject Trisullak Anti-Microbial on the shoulder. ¼ cc of junior stags and ½ cc of stags. This is to prevent them from being infected with germs.


2. Second to third day - Pour the Pyristat Powder that we mix with drinking water (3 teaspoon per gallon of water). Pyristat is anti-malaria, anti-coccidiosis, water soluble treatment. Remember, worms and protozoa can have mixed infections. To prevent this, please give them preventive medication. 

Pyristat Powder

Trisullak Caplet

3. Fourth day - Give Doxylak Caplet ½ caplet per junior stag and 1 caplet per stag every afternoon for three days. Doxylak is an anti-biotic anti-cold runner. 

Doxylak Caplet


4. Fifth and Sixth Days - We will inject Thiabex XS (B Complex + Liver Extract) in the wings and shoulders. In the junior stags ¼ cc we will give and the stags are ½ cc. Thiabex XS is effective in preventing anemia.

Thiabex XS

Additional Supplementation

1. Respigen 15 - Junior stags 2 teaspoon per 1kg feeds. Provide for 2 days per week for 1 month. It helps boost, stimulates, increases the resistance to our game fowls. 

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